Teaching Innovation Meeting

On March 30th James Small, Scientific Director of TCE, held a short seminar about the Entrepreneurship Game during the Teaching Innovation Meeting. The meeting was organized as a follow-up to the Teaching Innovation Awards, which were handed out during the TiSEM New Year’s Lunch. During that lunch James received an award for the Entrepreneurship Game, as did Henk Roest and Louise Marks for their Brand Management course. During the meeting of March 30th they both had the opportunity to explain their innovations in some more detail.

James explained that the Entrepreneurship Game consists of several rounds, during which (teams of) students can experience being the co-founder of a start-up. They need to make decisions and take risks that will influence the performance of their startup. For instance, students have to allocate time to different resources, like doing research or marketing the product. Spending your time in one or several different ways will lead to different results and influence the following rounds.

This on-line game has a very modern design. It also has some novel features, like a heartbeat that tells students how customers feel about their product and a dashboard with information on how well the startup is doing. This allows students to compare their progress with their competitors. Students also have to reflect on their decision-making, which accelerates learning.

Traditionally, business education focuses on running a business. So there was need for a focus on the process of creating a new business. Besides that, there was also a need for a more action-oriented approach that focusses on practical experience and creativity. The game provides student with a fun and engaging experiential exercise, while encouraging them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. The Entrepreneurship Game was co-created by TCE, Tilburg University, Avans, NHTV and Innovative Dutch for use in the entrepreneurship educational program at Tilburg University and at other universities and business schools.