Crowdfinance event Powered by Social Innovation

On Tuesday December 13, I attended a meeting about crowdfinance, organized by Midpoint Center for Social Innovation in Tilburg. It was an inspiring afternoon, where a diverse audience participated in a discussion about funding sources for entrepreneurs. Marc Kogels talked about his role as a crowdfund coach on behalf of Collin Crowdfund. It was nice to see how this Brabant-based business has grown and how it has developed good relationships with traditional financiers, like banks. Next up was Jan van Riel, who transformed his bakery from a traditional shop were locals buy their daily bread to an open bakery with a coffee room and terrace. His adventure to get the funding for Bikken en Bakken was as interesting as his story about the changes in clientele, their spending patterns and the adjustments he made to his original plans. Even this passionate professional had to admit that working 7 days a week in the bakery was not a good idea! There are more interesting sessions coming up, I find this a great way to meet with people who get things done. I have added the links of the relevant organizations:

Dr. Marjan Groen