Profile: Peter Snoeren Investigates Big Data Startup Business Models

Recent trends indicate that the market for big data related services is exploding (see for instance This provides huge opportunities for entrepreneurs, and big data-based business models are rapidly evolving.

My research interest in entrepreneurship revolves around the notion of big data startups, i.e. startups that aim to exploit the opportunities that big data provides. The ultimate aim of the research is to understand whether we can categorize the different business models that these startups adopt and thus to better understand; which business models are best suited for value creation and capture, how much do they rely on suppliers, customers, and competitors, do location-based advantages exist for big data startups, and how scalable are these business models?

Currently, our team at Tilburg University is attempting to identify all big data startups in the Netherlands since 2013, using the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) trade register. We have made a preliminary categorization of the business models into startups that provide consultancy services, infrastructure to deal with big data, collection of big data, the codification of big data from for instance text, software and several other business models. Here, the category of ‘others’ is surprisingly large and diverse and further categorization will be necessary. We are in the process of contacting companies to further understand what types of business models exist, and address several of the questions raised in our research.

Dr. Peter Snoeren
Post doc researcher
Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM)
Tilburg University, the Netherlands