Profile: Joshua G. Eckblad Investigates Established Firms & Startup Ventures

As a former high-tech entrepreneur for 15 years, having co-founded several cloud-based startups that rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning, I gained firsthand experience with venture capital and building strategic relationships with established high-tech firms.

Based on my professional experience, I appreciate the challenges and uncertainty involved in obtaining positive outcomes from strategic ties between established firms and startup ventures, which motivates my research agenda over the next few years.

My research interest in entrepreneurship is currently focused on the interface between large established firms and entrepreneurial startup ventures. The ultimate aim of my research agenda is to improve our current understanding of how established firms and entrepreneurial startups can achieve positive outcomes from their strategic ties. In particular, I would like to investigate how these ties can be mutually beneficial, rather than zero-sum in the way previous scholarship in strategic management typically treats these relationships.

Currently, I examine the dynamics involved when established high-tech firms take minority equity positions in external entrepreneurial startups (i.e., corporate venture capital (CVC) investments). There is a growing interest in CVC investment activities as a search mode to first detect and then respond to radical changes in the environment.


Joshua G. Eckblad
CentER Ph.D. Candidate
Tilburg School of Economics & Management (TiSEM)
Tilburg University, The Netherlands